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Movies: Ponyo, Tangled, Sorcerer's Apprentice
Video games: Suikoden series, Catherine, Resonance of Fate, Persona series, Digital Devil Saga
Shows: Adventure Time, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, Ned's Declassified, Amazing World of Gumball, Full House, Say Yes to the Dress, Glee
Anime/Manga: OH BOY. You're asking for it, Mushy XDD;;;
Black Butler, D.Gray-Man, Me and My Brothers, Spiral, Loveless, Nabari no Ou, Toward the Terra
Books: Son of a Witch, Good Omens, Samurai's Garden
Candy/Sweets/Snacks/Foods: (Candy)- Reeses, KitKats;(Sweets)- homemade cookies;(Snacks)Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers, Animal Crackers, Goldfish Crackers; (Food)- Mac n Cheese and Peas, riceballs, California Veggie Mix, Japanese food in general
Drinks: Diet Dr. Pepper, Water
Pokemon: Teddiursa, Togepi, Oshawott, Raichu, Larvitar
Animals: Wolves
Characters (Fandom or original. Feel free to link picture refs!): Kane and Gyro ( http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/292/d/0/__gyro_and_kane___by_michithethird-d3140ky.jpg ), Ciel, Lavi, Hiei, Hizumi, Sakura, Masashi
Pairings: TOO MANY
Hobbies: drawing, video games, reading, tae kwon do (I miss it sob), tennis
Plants/Flowers/Trees: Sunflowers and buttercups
Musicians: Lotus Juice, Kamelot, Gorillaz, Shoji Meguro, Abingdon Boys Highschool
Instruments: piano
Other interests – academic or not: Psychology, Art classes, collecting dolls ( really want to get more pullips ;w; fksadkfa), HOMESTUCK

Other questions

What fandoms do you follow most? Homestuck, Black Butler, D.Gray-Man

Name a few things you enjoyed in the past, but don’t so much anymore. Name a few that you still enjoy. Soccer, Gaia (lol)...idk XD;; I do still enjoy climbing trees though!!

Out of all the places you’ve ever been, what have been some of your favorites, and why? I guess the beach?? and the mountains....those are about the only places I've really been XD;;;

What are some things you’ve been interested in watching, playing, et cetera? Glee, Say Yes to the Dress, BlazBlue, Devil May Cry

Are there any items people associate with you, and vice versa? anime and polka dots?? XD;;

Name some other things you like – other interests, such as maybe the paranormal or vampires or whatever. I like violent games for the most part I just hate a lot of gore? XD;;; Though I don't care if it's in manga!

Do you have anything you collect? dolls and Pokemon cards (both collections are small, sadly)

What are a few important goals in your life? They can range from silly to really important. Being a Graphic Designer, working for a fave game company, visiting Japan and Disney World one day

Name your dislikes

Movies: No idea, I rarely watch movies as it is, I usually only go to see them/buy them/etc if I think I'll like them a lot
Video games: Most first person shooters, there just not as fun to me
Shows: Toooooooooooooo many to list
Anime/Manga: One Piece, Bleach
Books: The Grapes of Wrath, Snow Falling on Cedars
Candy/Sweets/Snacks/Foods: A LOT (picky)
Drinks: Pepsi ughhhhhhhfhawdaia
Pokemon: NONE ;w;
Animals: i-i dunno
Characters (Fandom or original.): ....I think I don't keep track of too many dislikes (can't think of things at all)

(Yeahhhhhhh, I gave up on the dislikes, dunno anything out of these really that I dislike... D: OTL)

Name some of the things you’re least interested in – philosophy, math, vampires, et cetera. MATH.

Pet Peeves. people not cleaning up the messes they make (OCD), people waking me up, people tickling/poking me a lot (very few people can do that and I not get pissed off), people acting like they know a lot about something and don't, people not using their frigging turn signals and/or slamming on their breaks =A=;;

Feel free to say anything else below.

I GOT NOTHING 8'D;;; Time to take notes for Psychology now.

Very Brief Summary of My Semester so Far

SO I HAVE 3 ROOMIES IN MY APARTMENT. One is pregnant, one is hiding a cat, and the other has D&D EVERY WEEKEND at our apartment in the living room.

No problems with the first two roomies mentioned.

The other....where do I begin? She has these guys over (whoa are very loud and never clean up their 4+ bags of trash up) EVERY weekend.

She also tried to hide her parents who just got out of jail for doing meth here haha...ha...haaaaaaaa. BTW, they were bailed out I think since they just got arrested in June or July and this happened in late September/ early October? Well, they've been banned from campus after we all complained multiple times.

Also, Math and English are kicking my butt so bad. I just want to cry so much over that alone.


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Computer Problems


Anyways, my computer's been acting up a lot lately so there is a chance that I may disappear for awhile (not just on deviantart.. I mean like MSN, Facebook, Hollo, Plurk, EVERYWHERE)

But while I was washing my face last night before Angela, who was spending the night, and I were about to go to bed...it blue screened. Apparently it was doing a File Dump and wasn't successful. Angela said usually when it starts doing that it may be time to start looking into a new computer.

We're at her boyfriend's house right now waiting for his dad since he's really good with computers even more so than my dad and myself.

So, maybe he can at least extend it's life but I thought I would give everyone a head's up ;u; ;;;

After I go home tonight I'll try and finish up any art I owe JUST IN CASE. Everything should be up before Saturday if all goes well.


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Is Reading Not In Anymore?

Those of you who know me know I LOVE to read (manga, books, magazines, poems, YOU NAME IT)! Well, my bookcase is starting to run out of room so I asked my mom about getting a new one. Mine has three shelves so I was going to look for one with five or more.

My mom and I went to this furniture store called Hencos today to look for a new bookcase. This place is HUUUUUUGE. It's hard to not get lost in there too.

We looked over the entire store...

It had as many bookcases as my entire, tiny, little house. (Which is like...Four I think? Unless you want to count hutches since we use those for books too. Or at least I do) Only ONE of those few was bigger then my current bookcase and it was a lot of money too!

It was just kinda saddening to me not only because we didn't find a bookcase at a decent price but there was more jewelry stands that were as big as me then bookcases.

I told my dad and he said people just don't read anymore which might also be the reason I had such a reading score on my ACT.


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My Gaming Ways

Okay, I seriously wonder how I can leave a game for sometimes months at a time when I get stuck then come back and I'm kicking some butt!! HOW DOES THAT WORK, EXACTLY???

So close to beating Digital Devil Saga! FSAIUFSJDFSCSFCS ;u;!!!

Friggin' LOVE this game~

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Drawing II Critique was INTENSEEEE

Okay, so we did Drawing II critiques today and things were going pretty well (aside from a couple of people not finishing their work).

Then this one girl gets up there and she only has 2 of her three pieces and 1 was not even done. It was sad though because the one she didn't finish....there was AMAZING details and she did it in Crayola CRAYONS! A lot of the class was blown away, I mean.... it's media we used when we were kids and people rarely use it for such detailed things.

Then her other piece was a bit...errr... sloppy? It looked murky and like not as much time and effort had been put into it.

Well, the teacher started commenting on how he couldn't figure out how so many people didn't get done because we had a little over TWO WEEKS to work on it. He said we could come into the studio to work too if we needed too and apparently no one came (I did mine in my room or the game room so I wouldn't know lol)

Well...the girl presenting gets a very mad tone with the teacher. "I CAME IN HERE AND WORKED A LOT" and all of us were just shocked! I mean...he wasn't calling her out, he was pointing this out to everybody. Then he got into how when we get into a working field we're going to have only a limited time to work and sometimes we'll have other stuff going on in our lives.... and if these had been for jobs the people who didn't finish would have been fired.

He looked at her and asked did she understand and she didn't answer, she merely glared then took her seat.

I felt even worse for Kirby since Kirby was sitting right in front of where she was present and the girl looked like she was about to attack the professor.


Here's a picture and video of my final! Video's short since I only had enough memory to do a 10 second video... XD;;;;



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There was a gas leak in my dorm last night around 9 p.m. I was packing my suitcase since I was heading home the following day when I got a text from my friend D'Rae (who is also one of the RAs) saying "We're evacuating the building. Explain later" I was in my pjs so I had to throw on my shoes and jacket fast as well as get my Student ID, keys, phone, and DS since I had no idea how long this would last.

We got outside and I found out there was a gas leak on the first floor. I was pretty nervous and called my mom and texted Maru as well as my roommate so they knew what was going on.

After a few minutes they told us to go back a bit farther (There's a building right across the street...parking lot area and we were in that dorm's lawn by this time). Sometime during all this the fire alarms int he buildings next to mine (All 3 buildings are known as Phase II) go off.

Roughly about an hour later, we're told what's going on and to head to the University Center Cafeteria for refreshments (only drinks, which were mostly flat, and no food).

I ended up meeting with my friend Cody and we sat together. I started playing my DS while we talked about the game and the crap going on etc (Found out people were giving out medicine to people on the first floor since that's where the gas leak was because they thought Cody was from the first floor). We slowly start finding more and more out, and what sucks the buildings next to mine got to go back but not us.

Around 12:15 or so we find out that no one's feeling nauseous or has a burning feeling in their throat anymore buuuuuuuuut we were not allowed to go back into the dorm for the night. We could go in for about 20-30 minutes to get some things then we had to either go to a basement, find a friend to room with, orrrrr get a hotel.

I told my parents the deal and they just decided to go ahead and pick me up since the classes I have the next day I have all As in. Cody said he'd meet up with me outside the dorm after we grabbed our stuff then stay in the Game Room with me while I wait for my parents. I was really happy but I felt bad since he had an hour and a half long drive. We talked a bit longer and my parents arrived roughly around 2:30 a.m. We didn't get home until 4:30. Went to bed as soon as I got inside, though I woke up at 8:00 to register....then couldn't fall asleep *FLOPS* THAT WAS ONLY HALF OF THE BAD DAY I HAD YESTERDAY @u@;;; But this was the big one.

We received an email earlier today though that my building had re-opened again (FINALLY) around 3 p.m. but they have not informed us of the source or cause of the gas leak other than it was on the first floor... :"T;; Oh well, No worries though, everyone's okay as far as I know.



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