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5 December
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Watashi no namae wa Christen desu! (i thiiiiink that's right. My friend's teaching my basic Japanese but i have a memory of fail xD) Some of you may know me as Toma, Peruru, Bo, or Kanone though. My game likes are Persona, Baroque, Star Ocean, Kingdom hearts, Suikoden, Final Fantasy, and .hack. Suikoden beats all! I'm the biggest fan ever of that game! For anime I'm really into Code Geass, Spiral, Loveless, Toward the Terra, Nabari No Ou, and Kuroshitsuji. Hobbies? Ummm.... drawing, reading, writing, video games, tennis, skateboarding (even though I SUCK at it and fall off a lot), tae kwon do, soccer, piano, and role-playing!
Anyways, leave a comment! I love random comments! ^w^

Be sure to visit my art gallery!! :"3 And heck, if ya like to draw or take photos and other things, JOIN UP! :"D
And here I am on youtube! :"D http://www.youtube.com/user/PrinceYori